ArmadilloCon 40 Program Schedule


Schedule of Events


Fr16:00BD Getting Fights Right! A Demo
Fri 4:00 PM (60m) Ballroom D
Tex Thompson (moderator), Alex Campolo, Allison Campolo
Getting your protagonist into trouble is easy. But once they’ve wandered down that back alley, gotten into that bar fight, or been grabbed at gunpoint… then what? Join our good friend, notorious literary ruckus-raiser Tex Thompson and world champion martial artists Alex and Allison Campolo as they show us what movies, TV and most books get wrong about physical combat, and how you can get it wonderfully, painfully, page-turningly right. Bring your camera and all your burning questions!
Fr16:00BE Welcome to ArmadilloCon
Fri 4:00 PM (60m) Ballroom E
Jennifer Juday (moderator), Craig W. Chrissinger, Dantzel Cherry, Rhonda Eudaly, Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Our panelists will talk about the essential elements of SF cons in general and ArmadilloCon in particular. Learn about all the can't-miss events you should attend to get the most out of our con.
Fr17:00SA Reading - David Afsharirad
Fri 5:00 PM (30m) Southpark A
David Afsharirad (moderator)
Reading - David Afsharirad
Fr17:00BF Avengers: Infinity War - Love It? Hate It? Both? And What Next?
Fri 5:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Marshall Ryan Maresca (moderator), Rick Klaw, T. Eric Bakutis, Paige E. Ewing
Our panelists will talk about Avengers: Infinity War. Is it great or terrible? Did they love it, hate it or both? Why? What do they hope for out of the planned "Avengers 4?"
Fr17:00CC Intro to British Fandom
Fri 5:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
David R. Stokes
What's the fandom and SF scene like across the pond? Native Austinite and current UK resident David Stokes is here to tell stories before he goes back to Scotland. Stokes is a fan and also runs a small SF press.
Fr17:00BE "Nothing's Impossible in this Place:" The Prisoner at 50
Fri 5:00 PM (60m) Ballroom E
Matthew Bey (moderator), A. T. Campbell, III, Gloria Oliver, Scott A. Cupp, Lawrence Person
The Prisoner first aired in the U.S. 50 years ago. The original 17-episode series combines spy fiction, conspiracy theory, allegory and psychological drama in an improbably wonderful mix. Our panelists will discuss influences on The Prisoner (H.G. Wells?), ways that The Prisoner has been an influence (The Truman Show?), and discuss open questions from this influential series.
Fr17:30SA Reading - Dantzel Cherry
Fri 5:30 PM (30m) Southpark A
Dantzel Cherry (moderator)
Reading - Dantzel Cherry
Fr18:00BE Secret Histories
Fri 6:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Rick Klaw (moderator), C. J. Mills, John Hornor Jacobs, Jaime Lee Moyer, Howard Waldrop
A secret history is a version of historical events that differs from the official record that purports to be the true version. How do writers approach secret history stories? How do readers approach them?
Fr18:00SA Reading - Emily McKay
Fri 6:00 PM (30m) Southpark A
Emily McKay
Reading - Emily McKay
Fr18:00CC Deadpool 2: What Worked & What Didn't?
Fri 6:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Stina Leicht (moderator), Jessica Coyle, T. Eric Bakutis, Lauren C. Teffeau, Gloria Oliver
Do our panelists think Deadpool 2 was worth the wait? What did the film get right, and what got flubbed? Were they seduced into loving it, or left cold? How did it compare to the first? What do we hope for from a Deadpool 3?
Fr18:30SA Tachyon Reading - Jacob Weisman
Fri 6:30 PM (30m) Southpark A
Jacob Weisman (moderator)
Reading - Jacob Weisman
Fr19:00BD Opening Ceremonies
Fri 7:00 PM (30m) Ballroom D
Aaron de Orive (moderator), Deji Bryce Olukoton, David Pomerico, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Robert J. Sawyer, Craig W. Chrissinger, Jennifer Juday, Holly Black
This session will introduce all of the convention's major guests. Be sure to stay for the Meet the Pros party afterwards in the lobby!
Fr19:30L Meet the Pros Party
Fri 7:30 PM (90m) Lobby
Take advantage of this opportunity to meet your favorite author or artist. We'll have a cash bar available.
Fr20:00BE Regional Event Planning & Con-Running: What's Next?
Fri 8:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Jessica Coyle (moderator), Tex Thompson, Troyce Wilson, Jennifer Juday, Karen Meschke
How can regional event planners and con-runners up their game? Where can we best focus in the changing landscape where we are competing with ever more and larger events? What needs can we best fulfill? What's special that we want to keep and even improve?
Fr20:00BF Horror, Religion, and Spirituality
Fri 8:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Mark London Williams (moderator), Matt Cardin, Derek Austin Johnson, Amanda Downum, Don Webb, Jess Nevins
Our panelists will explore the connections between horror (books and/or film) and spirituality/religion.
Fr20:00BD Short Story Writing
Fri 8:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Dantzel Cherry (moderator), Joe R. Lansdale, Patrice Sarath, Scott A. Cupp, Josh Rountree
Learn about techniques for writing a great short story.
Fr20:00CC Magic and Muskets
Fri 8:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Marshall Ryan Maresca (moderator), Aaron de Orive, Thomas Wagner, Stina Leicht
Flintlock fantasy is a relatively new subgenre of epic fantasy (or perhaps not; there was gunpowder, at least, in The Hobbit). What are the rules for this newish (?) area of fantasy? What are some favorite examples?
Fr21:00BF Horror: What We Love & Why
Fri 9:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Amanda Downum (moderator), Barbara Ann Wright, Derek Austin Johnson, Andrew Hilbert, Don Webb, Josh Rountree
Ghosts, gothic, splatterpunk, vampires, weird. There are many types of horror. In this session, we'll ask our panelists to tell to us about the kinds of horror they write, the kinds they like to read, and to suggest favorite horror books and writers.
Fr21:00BD Space Operas: Reading Beyond the Expanse
Fri 9:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Jayme Lynn Blaschke (moderator), C. Stuart Hardwick, T. Eric Bakutis, Thomas Wagner
Space opera is alive and kicking in the 21st century! What new space operas do our panelists recommend? What classics do we not want to miss, and why? How do they see the field evolving?
Fr21:00CC Mainstream Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Fri 9:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Jacob Weisman (moderator), Mark Falkin, Stina Leicht
The gap between the pulp ghetto and the literary mainstream seems to be narrowing (or perhaps we are just noticing?). Which writers and stories currently marketed as mainstream fall into this category? How is the distinction made? Are there ideas that genre writers and fans should steal and bring back to the SF shelf?
Fr21:00BE Science Fiction as a Teaching Tool
Fri 9:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
David R. Stokes (moderator), Craig W. Chrissinger, John K Gibbons, Bob Mahoney, Sanford Allen
Even if the science in a novel or film is inaccurate, SF can be a valuable teaching tool. SF stories can get kids (of all ages) interested in learning more about a particular topic.
Fr22:00BD Time Travel Stories
Fri 10:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Mark London Williams (moderator), William Ledbetter, Thomas Wagner, Christie Meierz
What are our panelists favorite time travel stories (books, TV, movies, etc.) (adult, YA, etc.) and why?
Fr22:00BE Small Presses - How They Work, and How Writers Can Work with Them
Fri 10:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
David R. Stokes (moderator), Jacob Weisman, Elizabeth Burton, Jayme Lynn Blaschke
What's the world of small presses like? What are the advantages and disadvantages for writers looking to work with them? What's the market like, and how is it changing?
Fr22:00BF Literary Agents 101 (Q&A with an Agent)
Fri 10:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Mark Falkin (moderator)
This discussion covers the basics and a bit beyond. How do you choose a literary agent? How do you work effectively with an agent? How do you decide if and when it is time to move on?


Sa10:00CC Worldbuilding Techniques
Sat 10:00 AM (50m) Conference Center
Stina Leicht (moderator), Robert J. Sawyer, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Martha Wells
What methods and techniques can our panelists recommend? How do they handle mistakes? Can they recommend any resources to new or struggling writers?
Sa10:00BE The State of the Star Trek Franchise
Sat 10:00 AM (50m) Ballroom E
Barbara Ann Wright (moderator), C. J. Mills, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Gloria Oliver
Is Star Trek Discovery worthwhile? What changes does it make to the universe, and are those changes problematic? And in the far future, are we excited or horrified by the prospect of a Star Trek movie directed by Quentin Tarantino?
Sa10:00BD Guest of Honor Deji Bryce Olukotun - Interview
Sat 10:00 AM (60m) Ballroom D
Nicky Drayden (moderator), Deji Bryce Olukoton
Nicky Drayden will interview our Guest of Honor Deji Bryce Olukotun.
Sa10:00BF Mars: Dust Storms & Samples & Lakes, Oh My!
Sat 10:00 AM (60m) Ballroom F
John K Gibbons (moderator)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory ambassador John K. Gibbons will provide an update on Mars, what we know, and what our plans are.
Sa10:30SB Reading - David Bowles
Sat 10:30 AM (30m) Southpark B
David Bowles (moderator)
Reading - David Bowles
Sa11:00BD Special Guest Robert J. Sawyer - Reading
Sat 11:00 AM (50m) Ballroom D
Robert J. Sawyer (moderator)
Special Guest Robert J. Sawyer has had 23 novels published, and his short fiction has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Amazing Stories, On Spec, Nature, and many anthologies. Come hear him read!
Sa11:00BE Pilates for Desk & Couch Potatoes
Sat 11:00 AM (60m) Ballroom E
Dantzel Cherry (moderator)
Writers and other people who find themselves sitting and looking at screens need to stay fit and flexible! This is a Seated Pilates workshop where Ms. Cherry will lead the participants through exercises and stretches they can do at home to counteract the hours spent sitting. Safe for anyone of any ability to participate in.
Sa11:00CC This One Weird Thing - Readings by Andrew Hilbert & Michelle Muenzler
Sat 11:00 AM (50m) Conference Center
Michelle Muenzler (moderator), Andrew Hilbert
That One Weird Thing - Readings by Andrew Hilbert & Michelle Muenzler
Sa11:00DR Autographing
Sat 11:00 AM (60m) Dealers Room
Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Matt Cardin, Sanford Allen
Sa11:00SA The Van Show: Van Interviews Joe R. Lansdale
Sat 11:00 AM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), Joe R. Lansdale
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews Joe R. Lansdale.
Sa11:00SB Reading - William Ledbetter
Sat 11:00 AM (30m) Southpark B
William Ledbetter (moderator)
Reading - William Ledbetter
Sa11:00BF The Fine Art of Moderating a Panel
Sat 11:00 AM (60m) Ballroom F
Marguerite Reed (moderator), Patrice Sarath, Tex Thompson, Barbara Ann Wright, Rebecca Schwarz
How do you get ready to moderate a discussion at a convention? How do you run an excellent discussion? If needed, how do you manage panel participants and listeners? How do you bring out the best in the people on your panel? Come, learn, and share ideas!
Sa11:30SB Reading - Amanda Downum
Sat 11:30 AM (30m) Southpark B
Amanda Downum (moderator)
Reading - Amanda Downum
Sa11:30SA The Van Show: Van Interviews Holly Black
Sat 11:30 AM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), Holly Black
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews Holly Black.
Sa12:00BF The Rules of the Road for Flying in Space
Sat 12:00 PM (60m) Ballroom F
Bob Mahoney (moderator)
Real space flight is constrained by…well, reality. Bob Mahoney breaks down the most important basics of getting around in the all-around and highlights why, just like in life, having rules to follow can oftentimes enhance a story instead of dulling it.
Sa12:00BE Post-Apocalypse & Post-Post-Apocalypse
Sat 12:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Christopher Brown (moderator), Deji Bryce Olukoton, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Jessica Reisman, D.L. Young
Our panelists discuss their own stories about life after a (fictional) meltdown, and also their favorite versions from other writers. What were real-life inspirations? Where did fiction turn out to be close to reality? Which stories tackle post-post-apocalypse (rebuilding, etc.)?
Sa12:00BD SFF Movies You Should Have Watched Since Last ArmadilloCon
Sat 12:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
A. T. Campbell, III (moderator), Rick Klaw, Derek Austin Johnson, Scott A. Cupp
Our annual review of the best movies of the last 12 months or so.
Sa12:00SB Analog Switch - Readings by C. Stuart Hardwick & John K. Gibbons
Sat 12:00 PM (50m) Southpark B
John K Gibbons (moderator), C. Stuart Hardwick
John K. Gibbons and C. Stuart Hardwick, two writers whose work you may have read and enjoyed in Analog, will each take a turn reading during this session.
Sa12:00SA The Van Show: Van Interviews Trakena Prevost
Sat 12:00 PM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), Trakena Prevost
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews Trakena Prevost.
Sa12:00CC The Orville: Liftoff or Lemon?
Sat 12:00 PM (60m) Conference Center
Lauren C. Teffeau (moderator), Rie Sheridan Rose, Craig W. Chrissinger, Gloria Oliver, Rhonda Eudaly
The Orville Season 2 is reportedly coming at end of year. Should we be excited? What do our panelists think worked about Season 1, and what didn't? What do they hope to see in Season 2?
Sa12:00DR Autographing
Sat 12:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
Ari Marmell, Andrew Hilbert, Juan Perez
Sa12:30SA The Van Show: Van Interviews David Bowles
Sat 12:30 PM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), David Bowles
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews David Bowles.
Sa13:00[UNKNOWN] How to Deal with Writer's Block
Sat 1:00 PM (50m) Sweetwaters
Matt Cardin (moderator), Ari Marmell, Marguerite Reed, Gloria Oliver
Our panelists will discuss writer's block and how to deal with it.
Sa13:00DR Autographing
Sat 1:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
Nicky Drayden, Christopher Brown, John Hornor Jacobs
Sa13:00BF From Texas to the Moon with John Leonard Riddell
Sat 1:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Michael E. Marotta (moderator), Brad W Foster
This presentation is about the first working scientist to publish a science fiction story. Among other achievements, Riddell was chief melter at the New Orleans Mint. Our speaker, Mike Marotta, has delivered versions of this talk to numismatic conventions. Brad Foster created original artwork for this presentation.
Sa13:00CC Reading - Angry Robot Authors Patrice Sarath & Lauren C. Teffeau
Sat 1:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Patrice Sarath (moderator), Lauren C. Teffeau
Reading - Patrice Sarath
Sa13:00BE Admit it! SFF Movies That Are Guilty Pleasures
Sat 1:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Scott A. Cupp (moderator), Rick Klaw, Matthew Bey, Lawrence Person, Howard Waldrop
What SFF movies do our panelists have love/hate relationships with, and why? And which movies are guilty pleasures -- movies they should hate, but don't?
Sa13:00SB Reading - Rhonda Eudaly
Sat 1:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
Rhonda Eudaly (moderator)
Reading - Rhonda Eudaly
Sa13:00BD Reading - Holly Black
Sat 1:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Holly Black (moderator)
Reading - Holly Black
Sa13:30SA The Van Show: Van Interviews Martha Wells
Sat 1:30 PM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), Martha Wells
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews Martha Wells.
Sa13:30SB Reading - Paige E. Ewing
Sat 1:30 PM (30m) Southpark B
Paige E. Ewing (moderator)
Reading - Paige E. Ewing
Sa14:00BF Fairy Tales in Current SFF
Sat 2:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Cassandra Rose Clarke (moderator), David Bowles, Amanda Downum, Skyler White, Holly Black
How are fairy tales currently being used in SFF? How has usage evolved? What trends do our panelists see?
Sa14:00CC Self Publishing Tips &Trends
Sat 2:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Paige E. Ewing (moderator), Gloria Oliver, D.L. Young, Elizabeth Burton
How is self-publishing evolving? What works, currently, and what does not? How can writers and artists use self-publishing most effectively? Which suppliers and systems work best? What are the pluses and minuses of the options?
Sa14:00BD How to Sell a Book to Harper Voyager (and Other Publishers)
Sat 2:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Jacob Weisman (moderator), David Pomerico, Nicky Drayden, Christopher Brown
What does it take to get out of the slush pile at our Editor Guest's press?
Sa14:00DR Autographing
Sat 2:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
C. Stuart Hardwick, T. Eric Bakutis, Bob Mahoney, Mark Falkin
Sa14:00SA The Van Show: Van Interviews Patrice Sarath
Sat 2:00 PM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), Patrice Sarath
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews Patrice Sarath.
Sa14:00[UNKNOWN] Focus on Dialogue
Sat 2:00 PM (50m) Sweetwaters
Tex Thompson (moderator), John Hornor Jacobs, Mark London Williams
Does your dialogue need punching up? How do you learn to write lifelike dialogue? What adjustments do you make for characters of different ages and identities?
Sa14:00SB Reading - Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Sat 2:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
Jayme Lynn Blaschke (moderator)
Reading - Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Sa14:00BE It's Time for... Fannish Feud! (Game)
Sat 2:00 PM (60m) Ballroom E
Aaron de Orive (moderator), Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Robert J. Sawyer, A. Lee Martinez, Troyce Wilson, Jessica Coyle, Craig W. Chrissinger, Rhonda Eudaly
Join us for the classic ArmadilloCon Game that pits Fans against Pros!
Sa14:30SB Reading - Matt Cardin
Sat 2:30 PM (30m) Southpark B
Matt Cardin (moderator)
Reading - Matt Cardin
Sa14:30SA The Van Show: Van Interviews Marshall Ryan Maresca
Sat 2:30 PM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), Marshall Ryan Maresca
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews Marshall Ryan Maresca.
Sa15:00[UNKNOWN] 3 Minute Pitches - SIgn Up for a Time Slot
Sat 3:00 PM (60m) Sweetwaters
Mark Falkin
Sign up for a 3 minute session and come pitch your novel to literary agent Mark Falkin. The only thing not to pitch is "hardcore romance." The signup sheet will be posted beforehand near the convention Registration Desk.
Sa15:00SB Writing the Other
Sat 3:00 PM (50m) Southpark B
Marshall Ryan Maresca (moderator), William Ledbetter, Marguerite Reed, John Hornor Jacobs, Stina Leicht
Our panelists will talk about how you can build your skill for writing about characters whose gender, sexual orientation, religion, racial heritage, or other aspect of identity differs from your own.What resources are available? What process do they use? What are the potential pitfalls?
Sa15:00CC Multiculturalism in SFF
Sat 3:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
David Bowles (moderator), Jessica Reisman, Trakena Prevost, Jess Nevins, Juan Perez
Race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic class have been central concerns of SF since the beginning. Our panelists will discuss places where we see, or want to see, science fiction and fantasy studying these intersections to explore and expand the worlds of stories we write and read.
Sa15:00CS A Tea Tasting!
Sat 3:00 PM (50m) Con Suite (1404)
Tea Punk Teas is taking over part of the Con Suite to throw a Tea Tasting Party!
Sa15:00SA The Van Show: Van Interviews Cassandra Rose Clarke
Sat 3:00 PM (30m) Southpark A
Van of The Van Show (moderator), Cassandra Rose Clarke
Be a part of the audience as the Austin Public Library's Van Show puppet interviews Cassandra Rose Clarke.
Sa15:00DR Autographing
Sat 3:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
Martha Wells, Barbara Ann Wright, Derek Austin Johnson, David Afsharirad, Lauren C. Teffeau
Sa15:00BE This Could Be a Beautiful Writing Collaboration...
Sat 3:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Skyler White (moderator), Aaron de Orive, Joe R. Lansdale, Holly Black
What does a successful writing collaboration look like? What steps are involved in making one work? What pitfalls have people encountered?
Sa15:00BD Reading - Deji Bryce Olukotun
Sat 3:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Deji Bryce Olukoton (moderator)
Reading - Deji Bryce Olukotun
Sa15:00BF The Hero's Journey in SFF
Sat 3:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Mark London Williams (moderator)
The Hero's Journey is a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development. Mark London Williams, who teaches this material at the Disney Creative Academy, will give a talk on applying Joseph Campbell to stories such as Star Wars, and in your own storytelling.
Sa16:00BD Interview - Special Guest Holly Black
Sat 4:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Patrice Sarath (moderator), Holly Black
Patrice Sarath will interview Special Guest Holly Black.
Sa16:00BF Artist Guest Slide Presentation & Discussion
Sat 4:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
Our Artist Guest Rosemary Valero--O'Connell will show examples of her art,and talk about her creation process and her career so far!
Sa16:00[UNKNOWN] Charity Auction / TAFF Auction
Sat 4:00 PM (120m) Sweetwaters
John Purcell (moderator), Johan Anglemark, Jennifer Juday
Come bid in the Charity Auction! We'll have some items that benefit the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and some that benefit The Austin Public Library Friends Foundation.
Sa16:00DR Autographing
Sat 4:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
Robert J. Sawyer, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Marguerite Reed, Stina Leicht
Sa16:00SA Space Opera – History and Appreciation
Sat 4:00 PM (50m) Southpark A
Rose Dimond (moderator), Martha Wells, Michelle Muenzler, Bill Frank, Christie Meierz
Which books and films have contributed to space opera as we know it today? (And are there any that are best forgotten?)
Sa16:00SB Reading - D.L. Young
Sat 4:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
D.L. Young (moderator)
Reading - D.L. Young
Sa16:00CC The Writing of the Snark: The Art of Writing Humorous Fiction
Sat 4:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Barbara Ann Wright (moderator), Joe R. Lansdale, A. Lee Martinez, Andrew Hilbert, Rhonda Eudaly
Tips and techniques for writing humorous fiction.
Sa16:00BE Best and Worst of Streaming SFF
Sat 4:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Dantzel Cherry (moderator), Marshall Ryan Maresca, Paige E. Ewing
Genre stories by definition are limited in popularity even as their influence spreads widely. With their understanding of audience, we are seeing a wealth of original and made-for-tv genre programming. How well has Netflix used its money and information to bring us shows we want to watch? What stories are they missing out on?
Sa16:30SB Reading - Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Sat 4:30 PM (30m) Southpark B
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (moderator)
Reading - Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Sa17:00CC Cyberpunk: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times
Sat 5:00 PM (60m) Conference Center
T. Eric Bakutis (moderator), Christopher Brown, Lauren C. Teffeau, D.L. Young
What is "cyberpunk" in the twenty-teens? And can we dispose of the idea that it's no longer a thing? Who are the new voices in the field? How are the stories evolving and what do they have in common with earlier cyberpunk?
Sa17:00SB Reading - Jaime Lee Moyer
Sat 5:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
Jaime Lee Moyer (moderator)
Reading - Jaime Lee Moyer
Sa17:00BF Making Texas Weirder: An Intro to Bizarro
Sat 5:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Michelle Muenzler (moderator), Andrew Hilbert, Josh Rountree, Sanford Allen
Our panelists will discuss Weird and Bizarro fiction: definition, history, favorite authors, and the best new stuff from the last year or two.
Sa17:00DR Autographing
Sat 5:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
Deji Bryce Olukoton, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Jessica Reisman, Amanda Downum, Rhonda Eudaly, Howard Waldrop
Sa17:00CS Space Squid Flash Fiction and ConSuite Culinary Contest
Sat 5:00 PM (120m) Con Suite (1404)
D Chang (moderator)
The Space Squid and ConSuite crew combine flash fiction and con-food for the most fun you'll have writing and eating all day!
Sa17:00SA Analog As Well As Digital Promotion
Sat 5:00 PM (50m) Southpark A
Tex Thompson (moderator), Rick Klaw, John Hornor Jacobs, Jess Nevins
Writers and event planners can't rely only on online promotions. What brick-and-mortar, in-your-face in-person techniques work for connecting with readers and the regional reading and writing communities? And when you use digital, what is most effective?
Sa17:00BD Black Panther: The Power of Wakanda!
Sat 5:00 PM (60m) Ballroom D
Trakena Prevost (moderator), C. Stuart Hardwick, A. Lee Martinez, Mark London Williams, Stina Leicht
How do our panelists feel about the Black Panther -- the film and also, separately, the Marvel Movie universe character? What works about the story of Erik Killmonger? Should we be equally focused on the women of Wakanda? What do our panelists think of the different kinds and sources of power in the story? What about the Black Panther's appearance in Infinity War? What do they hope for next?
Sa17:30SB Reading - Martha Wells
Sat 5:30 PM (30m) Southpark B
Martha Wells (moderator)
Reading - Martha Wells
Sa18:00CC Reading - Joe R. Lansdale
Sat 6:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Joe R. Lansdale (moderator)
Joe R. Lansdale will read. Something old, something new. It won't matter. You'll be glad you came.
Sa18:00BE Publishing 101: Q&A with an Editor
Sat 6:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Jacob Weisman (moderator)
Everything you always wanted to know about publishing and some things you didn’t. Jacob Weisman, founder and editor of Tachyon Publications, will answer questions and discuss publishing. Ask him about e-books, how to start a press, or the business side of publishing. What happens after you sell your book to your publisher? What are the steps in the process that can determine the success or failure of your book?
Sa18:00BF The Cold Black Mirror
Sat 6:00 PM (60m) Ballroom F
Sanford Allen (moderator), Matthew Bey, David Afsharirad
"Mirrors are never to be trusted." -- Neil Gaiman, Coraline. What makes The Black Mirror such a good show? How does The Black Mirror play with audience expectations? Did "The USS Callister" episode work, and if so, why? If you could show someone just one episode, which would it be?
Sa18:00SB The Challenges of Writing Games
Sat 6:00 PM (50m) Southpark B
T. Eric Bakutis (moderator), Aaron de Orive, Ari Marmell, D Chang
How does writing for games (computer, phone, card, etc.) differ from other kinds of writing? What challenges do you face breaking into and working in the game industry?
Sa18:00BD What You Should Have Read Last Year
Sat 6:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Michelle Muenzler (moderator), David Pomerico, Thomas Wagner, Jaime Lee Moyer, Willie Siros
Our annual rundown of the year's best SFF books.
Sa18:00SA Horror from Page to Screen
Sat 6:00 PM (50m) Southpark A
Matt Cardin (moderator), Joseph Fotinos, Derek Austin Johnson, Amanda Downum, Jess Nevins
This panel will discuss the relationship between horror fiction and horror film.
Sa18:00DR Autographing
Sat 6:00 PM (50m) Dealers Room
Dantzel Cherry, Josh Rountree
Sa19:00BD Career Management for Writers
Sat 7:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Marshall Ryan Maresca (moderator), Deji Bryce Olukoton, A. Lee Martinez, Rebecca Schwarz
How do you manage your career as a writer? How do you know when it is time to switch agents or publishers? How do you manage your identity in the marketplace when you change up what you are writing? What kinds of goals and measures do our panelists set for themselves?
Sa19:00BF Intro to the Business End of Writing
Sat 7:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Tex Thompson (moderator), David Afsharirad, John Hornor Jacobs, Stina Leicht
Agents, books deals, rights, contracts... where does a new writer get started? Where do you need to slow down in order not to trip up?
Sa19:00SB Reading - Barbara Ann Wright
Sat 7:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
Barbara Ann Wright (moderator)
Reading - Barbara Ann Wright
Sa19:00CC Cat Tails - Readings by Madeline Dimond & Rie Sheridan Rose
Sat 7:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
Rose Dimond (moderator), Rie Sheridan Rose
Madeline Dimond and Rie Sheridan Rose will read selections from their stories in Cat Tails—War Zone, an anthology of 25 stories from Ancient Egypt to the far-flung future, about some amazing cats who have served as compatriots during war times. Proceeds from this anthology benefit Shadow Cats, an Austin, Texas-based rescue that has saved the lives of 9,000-plus cats since 1997.
Sa19:00BE Art Show Auction
Sat 7:00 PM (120m) Ballroom E
Scott Zrubek (moderator), Rhonda Eudaly
"Buying art is the same thing as falling in love." -- Nohra Haime. Come and bid on items from the Art Show that went to auction!
Sa19:00SA Press Releases - Another Tool for Writers & Event Organizers
Sat 7:00 PM (60m) Southpark A
Craig W. Chrissinger (moderator)
Press releases are a professional communication tool. Learn the do's and don'ts, and add this communication tool to your repertoire.
Sa19:30SB Reading - Derek Austin Johnson
Sat 7:30 PM (30m) Southpark B
Derek Austin Johnson (moderator)
Reading - Derek Austin Johnson
Sa20:00BD Gentleman Nerds Podcast
Sat 8:00 PM (60m) Ballroom D
Aaron de Orive (moderator), Joseph Fotinos, Benjamin Gibbs
Join the fun as the Gentleman Nerds record their next episode! The G-Nerds are fine fellows who get together to talk about geeky and nerdy things, mostly in the vein of entertainment and popular culture… and they’re gentlemen about it. No bile-spewing reviews, no bashing each other or the audience for having different opinions. Just adults waxing rhapsodic on the things they think are cool or delving deeply into why one of them likes something and another does not.
Sa20:00SA Reading - Scott Cupp
Sat 8:00 PM (30m) Southpark A
Scott A. Cupp
Reading by Scott Cupp
Sa20:00BF What Makes The Expanse So Wonderful?
Sat 8:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
William Ledbetter (moderator), Matthew Bey, Bill Frank, Gloria Oliver, Stina Leicht
Is this really the best TV show going (that many of us have not been watching)? And why has it not gotten wider attention? What do our panelists think, and why? Now that it's going to be an Amazon property, are they worried (or hopeful) that anything will change?
Sa20:00CC One Page Salon (Open Mic)
Sat 8:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
D Chang (moderator)
Sign up in advance for a 5 minute time slot, or show up and see what's available. Read 5 minutes of your story or someone else's story, or just tell a story. Oh, and this need not be solo, but you do need to stick to the 5 minute limit! Use the sign up sheet at the Registration Desk, or send an email to D. Chang at BONUS: There will be giveaways for readers at the Salon, courtesy of the awesomely talented Space Squid team!
Sa20:00SB Reading by Mark Falkin - The Late Bloomer
Sat 8:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
Mark Falkin (moderator)
Reading by Mark Falkin
Sa20:30SB Reading - T. Eric Bakutis
Sat 8:30 PM (30m) Southpark B
T. Eric Bakutis (moderator)
Reading - T. Eric Bakutis
Sa21:00SB Reading - Sanford Allen
Sat 9:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
Sanford Allen (moderator)
Reading - Sanford Allen
Sa21:00BD Genre Crossing
Sat 9:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Marshall Ryan Maresca (moderator), Jacob Weisman, Mark Falkin
Can cross-over books ever be the best in either field? Will an SF novel ever win an Edgar? Do crossovers get a bigger audience (all SF plus all mystery fans) or a smaller one (only mystery fans who like SF)? Can anyone keep track of all the subgenre labels these days? Do they help or hinder writers, publishers trying to reach readers, bookstores creating useful displays, and readers looking for books?
Sa21:00SA Our Favorite Dystopias
Sat 9:00 PM (50m) Southpark A
Christie Meierz (moderator), David Pomerico, William Ledbetter, Christopher Brown, Thomas Wagner
Dystopian novels have been around for a long time (since H.G. Well's The Time Machine, at least). Which dystopian novels have influenced our panelists the most and why? Which ones would they take if about to be stranded on a desert island, and why?
Sa21:00CC Eye of Argon Reading (Audience Participation Event)
Sat 9:00 PM (60m) Conference Center
A. Lee Martinez (moderator)
The Eye of Argon is a heroic fantasy novella that has been hailed as the worst fantasy novel ever. To participate, in this game: Rule 1: Read it exactly as written. Use only the punctuation that is there; no more, no less. Pronounce the words as spelled, not what you think was meant. Rule 2: When you start laughing, you're done and must pass it to the next reader. Join us!
Sa21:00BE Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Sat 9:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
C. Stuart Hardwick (moderator), Bill Frank, Josh Rountree
Rotten Tomatoes says only 46% of the audience liked it, though 90% of critics did. Is it okay that Luke Skywalker struggles? That the Force is not necessarily inherited from parents? That we have a female hero? What do our panelists think?
Sa21:00BF Memorial for Bill Crider, and Other Dear Departed
Sat 9:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Scott A. Cupp (moderator), Joe R. Lansdale, Lawrence Person, Jayme Lynn Blaschke
ArmadilloCon and the wider SF community lost some people we truly miss in the last year. Bill Crider, known as the nicest man in Texas, left us. Others who departed the SF community this last year include Gardner Dozois, Kate Wilhelm, Ursula K. Le Guin, Brian Aldiss, Harlan Ellison and Earl Cooley. We will miss them all. TCome, remember, and tell a story about someone you miss!
Sa22:00BD Professor Griffin's Blood-O-Rama Shock Show!
Sat 10:00 PM (60m) Ballroom D
Joseph Fotinos (moderator)
Stay up late with the creepy, hilarious Professor Griffin as he presents: The Blood-O-Rama Shock Show! A night of gore and horror trivia hosted by Fangoria TVs Professor Griffin. (18 and older for this show)


Su10:00SB Reading - Marguerite Reed
Sun 10:00 AM (30m) Southpark B
Marguerite Reed (moderator)
Reading - Marguerite Reed
Su10:00BD 2018 Science: What's New & What's Coming
Sun 10:00 AM (50m) Ballroom D
John K Gibbons (moderator), C. Stuart Hardwick, Bill Frank, Bob Mahoney
What new and interesting science stories have our panelists been following? Where do they speculate/hope we may see interesting developments?
Su10:00BE Music & Art Influences in SFF Stories & Novels
Sun 10:00 AM (50m) Ballroom E
Josh Rountree (moderator), Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Derek Austin Johnson, Sanford Allen
Where have our panelists used music or art in SFF stories or novels, or seen it used? What are your favorite examples? When you share a playlist with your readers, is it always the same music you wrote to?
Su10:00BF Two Trickster Tango: A Writer Works with an Artist
Sun 10:00 AM (50m) Ballroom F
Mark London Williams (moderator)
Mark London WIlliams will take you on a tour of his novel "Two Trickster Tango," complete with the original artwork created by Doug Potter for the book. He'll also talk about working with Doug.
Su10:00CC SFF Poetry: Discussion & Reading
Sun 10:00 AM (50m) Conference Center
Juan Perez (moderator), Michelle Muenzler, Rie Sheridan Rose, Don Webb
Panelists will talk about what makes for good SFF poetry, and then read examples (their own work, that of others, or both).
Su10:00SA Collecting
Sun 10:00 AM (50m) Southpark A
Scott A. Cupp (moderator), Jeremy Brett, Troyce Wilson
"Collectors are happy people." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Panelists will discuss choosing what to collect, finding collectible items, cataloging the collection, tools for managing a wish list, preservation, and determining the value of a collection.
Su10:30SB Reading - Trakena Prevost
Sun 10:30 AM (30m) Southpark B
Trakena Prevost (moderator)
Reading - Trakena Prevost
Su11:00SA Stories By and About Mark Finn
Sun 11:00 AM (60m) Southpark A
Benjamin Gibbs (moderator), Aaron de Orive, Rick Klaw, Scott A. Cupp, Josh Rountree
Mark Finn, a former ArmadilloCon Toastmaster and longtime convention favorite, can't be here this year. Benjamin Gibbs will lead an appreciation and reading of snippets by Mr. Finn. Folks are also welcome to share stories about Mark. Wear your fez, if you have one.
Su11:00DR Autographing
Sun 11:00 AM (60m) Dealers Room
Holly Black
Su11:00SB Reading - Christie Meierz
Sun 11:00 AM (30m) Southpark B
Christie Meierz (moderator)
Reading - Christie Meierz
Su11:00CC FanFic: A Reassessment
Sun 11:00 AM (50m) Conference Center
Patrice Sarath (moderator), Rie Sheridan Rose, Craig W. Chrissinger, Gloria Oliver, Rhonda Eudaly
Fan Fiction has a terrible reputation. And yet, some very well regarded SFF writers have written fanfic: Neil Gaiman, Naomi Novik, Cassandra Clare, Lois McMaster Bujold and John Scalzi. What do our panelists think?
Su11:00BF Learning to Write
Sun 11:00 AM (50m) Ballroom F
Marguerite Reed (moderator), Ari Marmell, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Trakena Prevost, Emily McKay, Amanda Downum
Panelists recommend books, classes, workshops, websites and other resources for people learning to write.
Su11:00BD Harper Voyager Reading - Christopher Brown & Nicky Drayden
Sun 11:00 AM (90m) Ballroom D
David Pomerico (moderator), Nicky Drayden, Christopher Brown
Harper Voyager Reading - Christopher Brown & Nicky Drayden
Su11:00BE Writing Nonhuman Characters
Sun 11:00 AM (50m) Ballroom E
Martha Wells (moderator), Robert J. Sawyer, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Jessica Reisman, Skyler White
Our panel will discuss writing nonhuman characters -- what works well, and where the pitfalls lie.
Su11:30SB Reading - Juan Manuel Perez
Sun 11:30 AM (30m) Southpark B
Juan Perez (moderator)
Reading - Juan Manuel Perez
Su12:00BE Spirituality and Religion in SFF
Sun 12:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Mark London Williams (moderator), Rebecca Schwarz, Elizabeth Burton, Rose Dimond, Bob Mahoney
Science & religion are not incompatible with telling good science fiction and fantasy stories.
Su12:00BF Can't You Just Google It? Research Techniques for Writers
Sun 12:00 PM (50m) Ballroom F
Stina Leicht (moderator), Marguerite Reed, Barbara Ann Wright, John Hornor Jacobs, Jaime Lee Moyer, Christie Meierz
What kinds of research do our panelists do when building worlds and stories?
Su12:00SB Your Puny Planet's Finest SF Stories - Readings by Matthew Bey & D. Chang
Sun 12:00 PM (50m) Southpark B
D Chang (moderator), Matthew Bey
Come to the Space Squid reading session! Readings by D. Chang and Matthew Bey. There will be Space Squid giveaways for some lucky attendees! Plus they will likely be taping live podcast segments at this reading for their sister podcast, This Week in the Multiverse. Chances are good that you will be immortalized in podcast land!
Su12:00SA Writing YA: Advice on What Works and What Doesn't
Sun 12:00 PM (50m) Southpark A
Jayme Lynn Blaschke (moderator), Ari Marmell, Patrice Sarath, Trakena Prevost, Holly Black
What are the key elements of a YA novel? What do we need to do differently?
Su12:00CC Busking for TAFF (Unplugged)
Sun 12:00 PM (50m) Conference Center
John Purcell (moderator), Johan Anglemark
Stop by and enjoy a bit of live music (this is Austin, after all). It's a benefit for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF).
Su12:00DR Autographing
Sun 12:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
William Ledbetter, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Rie Sheridan Rose
Su13:00CC Reading - Marshall Ryan Maresca
Sun 1:00 PM (30m) Conference Center
Marshall Ryan Maresca (moderator)
Reading - Marshall Ryan Maresca
Su13:00BF Editing Like a Boss
Sun 1:00 PM (60m) Ballroom F
Tex Thompson (moderator)
After all those hundreds of hours spent slaving away at the keyboard, your first draft is finally done. Now you can sit back and bask in the glory of your beautiful, shining... unpublishable mess. Never fear! This fast-and-furious revisionary rumble will fire you up to pummel your plot and kill your darlings with bloodthirsty red-penthusiasm. No fear – no shame – no surrender! Ideal for: beginning/intermediate writers of any genre with at least one finished manuscript or trunk novel
Su13:00SB Reading - Michelle Muenzler
Sun 1:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
Michelle Muenzler (moderator)
Reading - Michelle Muenzler
Su13:00BE Urban Fantasy and Its Evolution
Sun 1:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Skyler White (moderator), C. J. Mills, Paige E. Ewing, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Christie Meierz
How is the field of urban fantasy evolving? What do our panelists think are "must reads," and what's up next on their "to be read" lists?
Su13:00DR Autographing
Sun 1:00 PM (60m) Dealers Room
Matthew Bey, Jaime Lee Moyer, Mark London Williams
Su13:00BD Once and Future Military SF
Sun 1:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
William Ledbetter (moderator), David Afsharirad, Lawrence Person
What are our panelists' favorite examples of once fictional ideas that we now see at work in the real world? And as war grows more technologically complicated, how is military SF changing? What may be coming next in this popular subgenre?
Su13:30CC Reading - Don Webb
Sun 1:30 PM (30m) Conference Center
Don Webb
Reading - Don Webb
Su13:30SB Reading - Jessica Reisman
Sun 1:30 PM (30m) Southpark B
Jessica Reisman (moderator)
Reading - Jessica Reisman
Su14:00SB Reading - C.J. Mills
Sun 2:00 PM (30m) Southpark B
C. J. Mills (moderator)
Reading - C.J. Mills
Su14:00BE SAGA Authors Reading - Stina Leicht & A. Lee Martinez
Sun 2:00 PM (50m) Ballroom E
Stina Leicht (moderator), A. Lee Martinez
Reading - Stina Leicht
Su14:00BD Pictionary
Sun 2:00 PM (50m) Ballroom D
Aaron de Orive (moderator), Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, A. T. Campbell, III, Jessica Coyle, Brad W Foster
Pictionary is a classic game of drawing and guessing pictures. Our annual game focuses on SFF themes. Not everyone needs to be an artist. Come play!
Su15:00BD Reading - Howard Waldrop
Sun 3:00 PM (60m) Ballroom D
Howard Waldrop (moderator)
Reading by Howard Waldrop

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